The Road Goes Ever On And On

A dim mist enshrouds the earth and the vision of all. For an instant dark valleys and soaring white peaks can be seen, then the earth is dark once more. A maiden, her figure spoilt by many defects, steps whitely out of the gloom. Her words are soft as she speaks, seeing the amazement, and almost fear, of all. “Do you not know me? I am the Writer.” Then she smiles and turns, her hair strangely coloured in the faintly greenish light, and her face pale as death. She holds out one slim white hand. “Come with me.”


Image result for the road goes ever on and on

Do you know this quote?

Have you ever thought about how true it is?

The road will never stop. Wherever you do, if you fall by the wayside, even there it goes on, just without you.

Do you really want to fall by the wayside?

Now, chances are that if you are here you want to learn to write. Or at least to see the struggles of a fellow writer.

Do you really want to be one of those ‘also-rans’ who tried and tried to be an author, tried to write good stuff, then gave up? Stopped doing it, and never has another chance, because life got in the way?

Or do you want to be chasing your dream, on and on? To follow the road of a writer?

Join me. We can accomplish more together than alone.

The Writer sweeps her cloak around her and leaves, hidden by the mist. The words drift faintly back. “Join me…”

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