Wattpad, anyone?

The Writer looks around, and then she asks a simple question. “Anyone on Wattpad?” So simple, so unexpected, that they are for a moment silent.

Well? What’s the answer?

I had an idea. I’ve got this NaNo thing that I want to do stuff with, and so I was thinking that I could post chapters on Wattpad. Then people can volunteer to really pull it to pieces in the comments and so I could change it. Whoever did that would get a dedication for the chapter they did that for, when I repost the edited version.

Anyone who wants to, reply to this post with their Wattpad username (or just try and find me on Wattpad – good luck!) and I’ll tag them in a chapter I put up.

You want to? Don’t have Wattpad? Maybe I’ll post some here* and you can crit. it. Just say the word and I might.

Confused? Comment and I might change this post, make it clearer.

*However if I did it would be set as private so only my followers could see it. Then you could just follow me…

“I know my time was short,” spoke she, “but I have little time and much to do. Farewell.” And she stepped out of the little cave; and it was darkest night, and only a slim moon shone pale and dim over the landscape.


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